Idź do

the land of marshes

The Biebrza National Park covers an area of nearly 60 thousand ha and is the largest national park in Poland. It was established in 1993 for the sake of some of the best preserved peat bogs in Europe with a swampy valley of the Biebrza River. Extensive swamps, inundated by spring flood waters of Biebrza, for centuries have been largely inaccessible to humans. They became a convenient habitat for many interesting animals. Lynx, several families of wolves, numerous otters and beavers live here. Several hundred elks which survived here a period of excessive hunting form the largest population in the country. However, the Biebrza Swamps are known primarily all as a paradise for birds. More than 280 species of them have been recorded here, including many rare species which are dying species in other places, such as the greater spotted eagle, great snipe, black grouse or aquatic warbler.
The symbol of the Park is the ruff. He used to be called a “freaky bird”. Maybe for the fact, that it is different from its relatives: lapwings, snipes, black-tailed godwits, dunlins or sandpipers, in which males and females look similar. And in the “freaky bird”, females are modest, while males put on unusual plumage at the time of mating. Feathers grow around their neck and head, forming a collar, called a ruff. They are different in each individual, from snow-white colours through the palette of browns to completely black. There are no two equally feathered ruffs, and breeding plumage is as unique as human fingerprints. Males present themselves to females by ruffling their feathers during simulated fights.
Ruffs cover a long distance during migration. In the spring, they return from wintering grounds (mainly in Africa), up to the Arctic areas of the tundra, where they breed. Their stop on the Biebrza River is a great attraction, and the show of ruffs dancing and jumping in the meadows attracts not only bird enthusiasts. Until the 60s of the 20th century, ruffs nested in large numbers in the Biebrza swamps, now they breed here only occasionally. To encourage ruffs to build nests in the Park, overgrown swamp meadows are mowed.

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